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Mask Sizing and Pricing Information
Mask Sizing and Pricing Information
100% Cotton, 3 layers, nose wire, adjustable elastic ear loops
From Left to Right: S, M, L, L+, XL

From Left to Right: S, M, L, L+, XL

If you are interested in adding Custom Embroidery to any mask, please visit the Custom Embroidery page.


Small (children)
Medium (pre-teens ~ 10-13 years old)
Large (teens and most adult women)
Large Plus (most adult men)
X-Large (adults with larger chins or noses and/or wider faces)

Measurements when folded in half:

SMALL: 4.25" tall x 4" wide
MEDIUM: 4.5" tall x 4.25" wide
LARGE: 5" tall x 4.5" wide
LARGE PLUS: 5.25" tall and 4.75" wide
X-LARGE: 5.5" tall x 5" wide

$15 for one, $25 for two
(plus sales tax for shipments/deliveries within Kansas)

Masks are 3 layers of 100%, high quality cotton fabric with nose wires and adjustable, very soft, elastic ear loops.

To purchase a mask, go to the Contact link or email me at kristinnowlinmasks@gmail.com with the following:

*Your email address
*The MASK and SIZE you want to purchase
For example: I would like Face Mask 18 in size Large Plus
*Address you want masks delivered to
*Any questions you have for me

I'll email you back to be sure I have all the details correct and give you pricing for your choices.

I will send you an invoice via PayPal and will ship the masks as soon as I get them made and payment is received. Shipping will be $5 for up to 4 masks. Actual cost beyond that.

If you live in Manhattan, KS, I will deliver for free to your door and would also accept check or cash payments. Thank you!

Please note that masks could take 1-3 days for me to construct, plus shipping time.