To order a FACE MASK, send a message here OR email me at with the following information:

*Your email address
*The MASK and SIZE you want to purchase
For example: I would like Face Mask 18 in size Large Plus
*Any questions or special requests you have for me


*The custom embroidery you want on it
For example: I would like Mask 2 in size Large with ELN embroidered on it in Block letters, all capital, Small size font
I would like Mask B2 in size Large Plus with Dr. Nowlin on it in Script letters with the first letter of each word capitalized, Small size font

To order a CUSTOM TEAM MASK, ALSO include:

* The TWO fabric colors you want
* The MASCOT or TEAM name you want stitched on the mask
For example: I would like a mask in red and yellow with CHIEFS in size Large